Saturday, May 26, 2012

Neon Pink 😊

I just loved lipsticks! either pink or red, matte or glossy! it's just me..😊 my fashion statement! can't go out the house without wearing any lipstick. I love MAC's Candy Yum Yum however since it's a limited edition of their spring collection I had a hard time buying one, I've asked my friends from singapore and hongkong to buy one for me but they said it's out of stock! Since I'm head over heels with this lipcolor I searched online for a dupe and i found Revlon's Stormy Pink. i even bought two because the saleslady told me that this will soon be face out, and she only have 3 stocks left, i bought two(gullible me! lol) As you can see below, I'm so loving every bit of it!! 😊❤😊

Friday, May 25, 2012

Stacker's Baby!

It's Friday and again one of our favorite days! It's the start of the weekend, we dropby at Venice Piazza, in Mckinley Hill. I had to admit I've been working at Fort Bonifacio for almost 3 years and yet it's my first time to be here, hehe. Very nice place, i'd hate to say though if you are in a place like this, it's much better if you have a car(just my observation). Oh well, I almost forgot me and my two friends ate at Stackers Burger's and here's what I ordered,. So Yummy right?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

30 days of night vs 30 days of night:dark days

I've recently watched 30 days of night:dark days(right), which is considered a sequel of the 30 days of night(2007)one in left),just an overview , 30 days of night location is in Barrow,AK wherein one month they will plunge into darkness due to it's location far north from the Artic Circle , while for 30 days of night:dark days it's setting is in Los Angeles. It's a good horror flick but not that interesting than the first, I think it would be better if Stella Oleson is still played by Melissa George, i mean no offense meant, she's prettier than Kiele Sanchez, and she played her part very well. The villain Queen Lilith played by Mia Kirshner is not that interesting, she's elegant like a Queen but her character was not stressed out that much, I'm expecting more action between her and Stella but it only take a few minutes, and there Stella got her head cut off. Interesting part of the movie is when they discovered that as long as the head is not cut off, vampires can still be revive, this was not shown in the first sequel in 2007. I hate the part where in Stella decided to revive Eben with her blood,and she fainted due to losing a lot of blood and woke up, embracing Eben tears of joy, but then since Eben is still a vampire, she bite Stella, I mean,come on she kill those vampires for a reason, she hated them, all she wanted was revenge, and yet she decided to revive Eben with her blood, I understand the part wherein people don't want to believe vampire exist but why would some people work for them, Where did the Queen came from?It doesn't look she's powerful enough to be a queen, A little bit dissapointed in this movie, I like the 30 days of Night(2007) better, not to mention, Josh Harnett is one of the characters. LOL.. I will recommend the 30 days of night(2007), I hope  the next sequel will be much better,(if there will be another one..)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Paris- Eiffel Tower

Grabbed this photos from my friend's instagram account. Oh Paris! When can I meet you? Hope it will be soon..