Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Mediterranean Diet and Good Health

 1950’s researchers discovered that people living in the Mediterranean regions which included Crete, Southern Italy and other countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea had an adult life expectancy that was among the highest in the world. It was also found out that coronary heart disease, certain cancers and other diet-related chronic diseases in this region were also the lowest in the world.
With further research, it turns out that all this good health could be attributed to dietary patterns.  Traditional Mediterranean diets have these characteristics in common:
  • Variety of Plant Foods (Fruits, Vegetables, Breads, Beans, Nuts and Seeds)
  • Olive Oil as the Main Source of Fat
  • Low to Moderate Amounts of
    • Fish and Poultry
    • Dairy Products (mostly cheese and yogurt)
    • Eggs
    • Wine, normally consumed with meals
    • Small Amounts of Red Meat
    • Primarily Fresh Fruit for Dessert and Low Consumption of Sweets
The health benefits of following the Mediterranean Diet include a reduced rate of heart attack and stroke in people who have heart disease, lowering the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, aiding in weight loss and so much more.
It is important to remember, though, that other factors can affect these benefits. For example, physical activity could definitely be a huge factor as well.

 Being a Type 2 Diabetic and someone who has a polycystic ovary syndrome, this is really a big help.

Source: Healthy Haven by IHerb


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