Friday, February 17, 2012

Nothing is permanent except change

I am on sick leave for a week, due to high fever and my tonsils. Funny thing is there's a lot of changes that will take effect when I get back. First, change of team, second, since my team will change I will have different team mate's. Third , will be a different boss. Honestly, within 7 mos in RMQA, this will be my 3rd team, and for me I hate it. Come on, where's the love?? Maybe I am so attached with my current team, and sad to say i am
not there tonight. I feel so down, like nothing ia going right, I am all set on applying as an immigrant for Canada in this consultancy, but since I need a lot of money and proof of funds, my friend suggested we take a different route, I've paid like 20% already or now you're telling me that..This sucks, Bigtime! I hope I can still keep myself in track, because I felt like giving up, maybe this is not for me.. :(

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