Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back in NetP

    After almost 7 months of staying in Philam, I am back here in NetPlaza. I love the fact that all my friends are here however I find it easier to travel from my house to Makati, unlike my travel from house to Fort Bonifacio. But I love it here in Net Plaza , I am able to see my friends from Customer Care, the only thing is conflict on our schedules. I work from 7:30pm- 4:30am while there schedule is from 12 midnight to 9:00am. Aside from the fact that there's free wifi in the 7th floor(though, I don't really need it because I have unlimited internet with globe through my phone, :)  There are lot of food options too, more available stations, and computer's are faster. I just hope and I'm actually praying for it, that my schedule will change to mid-shift (2:30pm-11:30pm), been in the graveyard shift for the past 6 years, and change of schedule will really help a lot.. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone. Good Vibes!

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