Monday, February 6, 2012

What a Monday!

    Monday! most hated day of the week. Maybe because of a weekend hangover. Now last night is a very busy day, we got more than 1000 loans that we need to audit, with an SLA of 24 hrs(all loans needs to be reviewed within 24 hrs), whew, I would say good luck!  I only got to finished just a few, still adjusting with the new process, which if you'll get used to it, it's much easier, I got trained last friday an hour before the shift ends, last night was my "pilot day". Plus the fact that I had a lot of things going on, I needed this documents for my purpose of Migrating to Canada, which I requested 01/26/2012, which until now is still not being resolved, I did an official follow up with email today, but to my surprise, one of the person's I've sent it to, deleted my email without reading it, now I know why I am not getting any updates about it, good thing is I included a read receipt in my email. With all of the changes  and chaos that has been going on, I'm sorry but I have to day this, It really sucks, BIG TIME! At first I wanted to report it directly to someone higher, but then after all the advice that I got from my friends, I decided to give it one last try. It's just sad to think that of all people, she will do that to me, I might be nobody to her but a little respect would be much appreciated. I just hope that she wont experience that with other people. It just make me think how rude she is,  that I even think she is not doing her job and that the least she can do is respect other people. Now I read a tweet from Angelina Jolie saying "No no I get it. You can ignore me, but when I ignore you, it's a big deal" , which got me thinking, If I will be the ignoring her, it's really a big deal. I just pray for this person, that she wont be treated like what she do to others, after all, Karma is just around.

   Now another day has ended, I'm looking forward to you TUESDAY,  I know you will be fun, Bring it on!

Good Night Everyone! ;)

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