Friday, February 10, 2012


"Change is inevitable, growth is intentional". Just this week, a lot of changes will take place. Effective February 20 some of our team members will move to a different function. We did not expect to happen this way, we all know that we are overstaffed but I guess no matter how you expect things to happen , in the end it will still caught you by surprise. I just felt sad, I will miss my team mates, they are not just my teammate's they are also my friends. Been with them for almost 7 months. I can't really help myself regarding being attached with my team, I value my friends, and I also believe that no matter how hard your work is, if you have friends in the office , they can make your work environment lighter. We all hoped that we will have the same schedule so we wont miss each other that much, but we can just hope for it, in the end, our boss will still have the last say on it.

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