Friday, February 10, 2012


Miss my former team! This was taken before my birthday June 4, 2011, my birthday is on June 7. It was always fun being with this team, especially that our boss is so cool. (he's the one in yellow stripes) I miss you guys so much. I love you all..Definitely one of the BEST Teams ever from Customer Care. Even if I've already moved on to a different function, I will never forget you all, I might not be always around, but please remember, You guys are always a part of me.  =)

This are my best buds from Team DEE!

Taken at BrookRidge, Bulacan

Tags:BrookRidge, Team DEE


  1. woww...Birthday Party @ swimingpool ???
    Let me are the red ones, aren't you ?

    good team + smiling + Praying = Success

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  2. hello there! thanks for the compliment. Yes, I am the one in red,hehe.. I'd love to put your banner in my blog.. Will have it up soon. have a happy weekend my friend! =)

  3. Thank's for it. nice to visit here and know you, happy weekend for you too. God bless

    Best Regards